It was really fun to learn how to plant them. Some of us then went and started to dig up potatoes, the potatoes were fun to dig up too. When we were done with the planting some of us went to see the goats and feed them, they are really cute; after that we all sat down together by the pond for lunch. Lorraine shared fresh homemade goat cheese which I loved, we also ate some type of flowers which were kind of spicy but delicious.  When we were done eating the kids started to swing on the swings. I thought it was very relaxing because the swings where right next to the big pond full of fishes that we fed crackers to. Then we went on a hike around the farm and in the woods. It was a lot of fun and really peaceful to walk around in the woods; we found a bunch of neat walking sticks, we brought one home and my dad sanded it and varnished it to bring it back to them next time we go. We also ate some yummy apples! Our family day at St. Francis Farm was very enjoyable and fun. That way of living is exactly how I imagine that my mom was raised, by the way she talks to me about the things she used to do when she was little and how she enjoys going to St. Francis. I would like to thank Lorraine, Joanna and Zach for being so kind and welcoming. We can’t wait until the next time we go to St. Francis Farm, I just love that Place!  
 Love,    Rosie Longo (Rosa’s daughter

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